Whats new with library blogs?

As a future Media Specialist I will have my own library to run which is why these blogs are of the most interest to me.

  1. Library Patch is a blog by a elementary school librarian named Sonya Dykeman. The purpose of her blog to share the love that she has for her job and connecting with so many new friends. While she is less active on the blog nowadays, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! What caught my attention was a very catchy link called Deweying It My Way. Here she talks about how many schools are ditching Dewey. YIKES! There are great resources for Dr. Suess’s birthday, Groundhog Day and a lesson on  how to be a library detective. I have really enjoyed reading this blog. It is easy to read and has cute graphics and she even has her own TPT store. I love educators that enjoy sharing things they have created! All teachers especially love free stuff!
  2. Library Learners is another winner! Cari Young is an elementary school librarian in San Antonio, Texas. The purpose of her blog is to share what she is doing to make the library the center of twenty-first century learning in her school and she does this in MANY ways! Cari has a FAQ tab and many of the questions were about the topic of using centers in her library. I  was most intrigued and couldn’t wait to read and learn more ashorating a different art medium. I also like that shared another part of her life and that she is a Jamberry consultant.
  3. I love how each of the blogs I have found are all so different. The Library Voice was created by blogger Shannon McClintock Miller. She is a teacher librarian from Iowa. The purpose of her blog “making a difference in the world and lives of others, especially children.”  Miller is very well educated and involved in many organizations and committees and you can tell she is changing lives daily!  First up on the blog was a post about FETC (Future of Education Technology Conference) and Buncee, neither of which I had ever heard of! She shared a poster of the ISTE Standards for Students. There are so many great posts it was hard to choose my favorites. I always love learning about new books and in this post Shannon shared a  book called Wishing Tree and a great lesson idea and student activity

How would I share blogging with teachers and school librarians? First, I would invite them to read my blog and the others I have mentioned here. I would also encourage them to try creating a blog themselves.

How would I use a professional blog for professional development? The sky is the limit when it comes to blogs! I feel I have learned a lot from searching through various blogs and most blogs could be used as a professional learning opportunity. Connecting with bloggers, reading books that they suggest or have written and asking questions are ways you can grow as an educator. I plan on continuing to read the various blogs I have some across.

Final Thoughts-I have learned so much from my brief encounters with these wonderful women and I aspire to be as influential as they have been to many children that they have crossed paths with and to the many lives they have touched.


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  1. slm508hm says:

    Hi Erin.
    I love that the blogs you chose have such a positive feel just like your blog! I had a similar experience as you while searching for blogs to write about. I would topics that were interesting and find myself reading the blog to get ideas for when I am a librarian. I love that you put in the questions about centers, I had not even thought of doing those in my library! Reading these blogs have provided me with ideas and lots of inspiration.


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